Daytona the manatee loves to spend her days grazing on underwater plants and body surfing through the water. She never stays in one spot which is why you’ll see her sometimes in the ocean or at the springs. Sometimes she moves so slowly that algae grows on her back! Daytona is very curious about people, but she’s also very shy. She likes to poke her nose above water to check out what’s going on, but sometimes gets frightened if people get too close!

Fun fact!

Daytona can hold her breath underwater for up to 20 minutes! That's a long time!

Daytona loves playing games with her friends, like seeing who can hold their breath the longest. Her nickname is “sea cow” which she loves because her favorite cousins are actually cows. When she’s not sleeping, which she usually does for 12 hours a day, she’s hanging out with her best buds Apoz and Grover.

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