Apoz the Anhinga bird is our feathered friend who can’t get enough of the water! He almost loves swimming more than he likes flying. Some people call him by his nickname “snakebird” because he keeps his body underwater and swims with his long, skinny neck above the water.

Fun fact!

Even though Apoz is a water bird, his oil glands aren’t as developed as most other birds so it takes him a lot longer to dry off in the sun.

Apoz is a champion diver! His favorite thing to do is dive down as deep as he can and swim all day long. He doesn’t really like to eat his vegetables, so he spends a lot of time looking for tasty small fish, frogs, and snails to fill up his belly. He plays with his food and uses his pointy beak to catch it, then tosses it up in the air to snatch it in his mouth. When Apoz isn’t looking for snacks or swimming, he likes to hang out in the mangroves with his pals Arty and Daytona.

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