Boomer the Humpback Whale is our largest ocean friend. He comes to visit Florida every winter on vacation to hang out in the warm waters. When Boomer is fully grown, he can weigh up to 60,000 pounds! That’s about two and a half school buses! Boomer’s favorite foods are krill and small fish. He’s so big that he can eat thousands of fish in one bite. He has to eat a lot at once since he normally only eats during the summer and lives off of his body fat during the winter.

Fun fact!

Boomer loves to jump out of the water and do acrobatic twirls, which is called breaching.

When Boomer isn’t eating or traveling, his favorite thing to do is sing under the water. He loves singing so much that he can sometimes keep singing for over 24 hours! The girls don’t like singing, only the boys, and they all sing the same exact song to each other.

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