Essy is our favorite nurse shark. She’s the friendliest shark around and doesn’t want to hurt or bother people. Most sharks have rough skin that feels like sandpaper, not Essy, she’s proud of her super smooth skin. Some people think that she looks like a huge catfish when they see her because of her whiskers. She actually uses them to search for food.

Fun fact!

Essy has barbels that hang down from her jaw that look almost like whiskers. These are where her taste buds are located and they help her search for food.

Essy’s favorite hangout spots are anywhere that has lagoons and coral reefs. She always sticks close to the ocean floor and loves to munch on lobsters, crabs, fish and even coral! You probably won’t see too much of Essy because she likes to sleep during the day and swim and hunt for food at night. She really loves having sleepovers with her friends, when nurse sharks sleep, they hang out in big groups and even lay on top of each other to get some shut eye!

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