Our pal Freddy is a Florida Scrub Jay who has the prettiest blue feathers around. He’s the only kind of bird that loves Florida so much that he doesn’t live or travel to anywhere else! Freddy loves to go camping, his favorite part about Florida are the woods, he never wants to leave!

Fun fact!

Florida Scrub Jays like Freddy are born with gray heads, their feathers don’t turn blue until they’re about 6 months old. 

Freddy loves his family so much that he always stays close to them. He is an excellent lookout and acts as a guard to protect them. He has a special call he uses to alert others that there is a dangerous predator around, and uses two different calls whether it’s a bird above or a snake below. Freddy’s favorite snack in the whole world are acorns, and he just can’t get enough. He’s an amazing forager and even buries extra acorns he’s found in the ground just like a squirrel!

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