Fitz the Bottlenose dolphin is the most playful character in our group of friends. You can usually find Fitz surfing the waves with his best bud Arty. He is never alone, Fitz always travels with his pod of other dolphin friends, and they help each other find food, play together, and help take care of the baby dolphins. Fitz is a great babysitter! Fitz is so proud of himself because he is so smart! His brain is actually bigger than a human brain. Because he’s so smart, he uses his own voice and noises as a radar to find out where things are around him in the ocean.

Fun fact!

 Fitz breathers out of his blowhole on the top of his head, and usually has to come up for air around every 7 minutes.

Fitz loves chatting with his pod and other friends, and is always making noise by whistles, squeaks, and clicks. He’s also the best acrobat around, you can often see him flipping or jumping about 15 feet out of the water!

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