Copa is our loud and popular Herring Gull friend. She is one of the few animals out there that can actually drink the salt water from the ocean. Copa loves hanging out with her friends, she’s always out with a bunch of other gulls in a group called a colony. She is very social and you can always hear her squawking and laughing a mile away.

Fun fact!

Herring Gull Copa - Copa’s favorite fish to eat is the Herring fish which is where he gets his animal name from.

Copa is just like her friend Clasi when it comes to her appetite, she’ll eat just about anything. She enjoys searching for small snails and clams in the sand when the waves go back out from the shore, but also just can’t help checking out what every human on the beach is having for lunch. Copa doesn’t mind that people call her a seagull, even though there isn’t a bird named a seagull. She likes to live by the sea so it works for her!

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