Our friendly buddy Arty is a Loggerhead Sea Turtle who only lives in the ocean. He loves catching gnarly waves and surfing through the rip currents. In fact, he was the winner of last year’s surfing Turtle Cup! Arty really only likes warm, tropical waters and hates the cold, he loves to travel around the world, but his favorite spots are close to Florida.

Fun fact!

Arty has a huge oversized head which can sometimes look like a big log in the water, which is how he got his animal name Loggerhead.

Sometimes Arty gets jealous of his land turtle cousins because he can’t tuck his head or arms and legs into his shell like they can, but he always feels better when he remembers what an excellent swimmer and surfer he is. Arty has a very sharp beak that lets him crush through shells whenever he has a craving for some tasty shellfish. Every once in awhile, he likes to treat himself to a yummy jellyfish, but don’t worry, the sting from the jellies don’t hurt him!

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