Gogo the pelican spends her days floating on the water or gliding through the air with her pals. She also loves fishing but she does it a little differently than our other friends. Gogo has a special pouch attached to her bill that lets her scoop up fish and use it as a net! When Gogo isn’t fishing or bobbing over the waves, she’s practicing her synchronized sky dancing routine with her friends.

Fun fact!

Gogo’s animal name Pelican, comes from the words pelekas, which means woodpecker, and pelekys, which means axe.

Just like Copa, Gogo can also drink the ocean water and has special glands that get rid of all the salt from her body. Gogo has webbed feet just like a duck and uses them to help swim quickly through the water and to push herself further down after a cannonball dive into the waves. Sometimes you can even find a hungry Copa sitting on Gogo’s head trying to steal a fish from her pouch!

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