Clasi is our favorite Atlantic Ghost Crab. Don’t worry, her spooky name comes from the color of her body, she’s not really a ghost! Sometimes she does like to play pranks on people though by swiveling her eyeballs almost all the way around her head. This neat trick let’s her see everything around her in all directions. Clasi likes to occasionally take a dip in the ocean but you can usually find her hiding out in her burrow she digs in the sand.

Fun fact!

Clasi has 5 pairs of legs, the first pair are her claws, and one is always bigger than the other.

Clasi is not a picky eater at all, she’ll eat plants, algae, clams, bugs or pretty much anything else she can get when she ventures out of her burrow. Clasi’s favorite part about herself are her two white front claws. She feels like she’s wearing fancy gloves! When she’s hanging out on the sand, she loves to make music by hitting the sand with her claws, rubbing her legs together like a cricket, and making bubbling sounds!

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