Where to Have a Bonfire on the Beach

The only thing better than experiencing a day on the beach is sticking around to catch the atmosphere at night. There’s something about getting to see dolphins leaping through the waves against the sunset that makes you feel lucky to be alive. If you’re not ready to bid the beach goodbye, we’ve got good news for you – your day doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down.

Break out the charcoal and tongs and head down to the beach for a bonfire! Nothing brings the night together quite like gathering around a fire with friends and family for some delicious smores and great music.

Bonfire Locations in Volusia County

bonfire on the beach

Volusia County has eight pre-existing fire pit rings available to reserve from Ormond Beach all the way down to New Smyrna Beach. Each of the fire pits are free to use, but do require a reservation to be able to use them. Reservations are first come first serve and can be made here. Here are the eight locations where a fire pit is available to rent:

Ormond Beach

  1. Tom Renick Park
    1565 Ocean Shore Blvd, Ormond Beach, FL  32176

Daytona Beach

  1. Van Ave Park
    3101 S. Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach 32118
  2. Frank Rendon Park 
    2655 S. Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach, FL  32118

New Smyrna Beach

  1. Sapphire Walkway
    1080 N. Atlantic Ave, New Smyrna Beach 32169
  2. Ester Park
    551 Esther St, New Smyrna Beach 32169
  3. 27th Ave Park (North)
    3681 S. Atlantic Ave, New Smyrna Beach 32169
  4. 27th Ave Park (South)
    3701 S. Atlantic Ave, New Smyrna Beach 32169
  5. Hiles Beach Ramp
    700 Hiles Blvd, New Smyrna Beach 32169

Bonfires & Turtle Nesting Season

Due to sea turtle nesting season, bonfires are not permitted on the beach between from Mid-April to the end of October. Reservations cannot be made after April 24th, or prior to October 23rd. The reservation link is disabled between these dates to avoid confusion.

When the baby sea turtles hatch, their goal is to head straight out to sea as quickly as possible. Their lives depend on it. When there are extra lights around such as bonfires or spotlights, they become confused and disoriented, and travel inland instead of to the ocean. Many hatchlings die from dehydration or from predators when this happens, so we need to avoid unnecessary lighting at all costs.

Bonfire Rules & Regulations

Ready to reserve your bonfire on the beach?  Check out these important rules and regulations to get started:

  1. Renters are required to bring their own wood and may not use any other substance to fuel the fire. Wood containing other materials such as nails or plastics are not permitted.
  2. Renters must keep a receipt of reservation on them at all times during use.
  3. Renters must vacate the area by 11:00 p.m. and ensure the fire has been completely extinguished by water
  4. You must be at least 18 years old to reserve a fire ring and have a valid driver’s license.
  5. All debris must be removed, including any unburned wood, by 11:00 p.m. Officials check the fire pits every evening after the reservation is over to ensure the fire has been put out and the area is free from debris or garbage.
  6. Any issues the official finds will be reported, the renter will be required to return to the area to clean up, and may not be permitted to reserve again in the future.
  7. Renters are permitted no more than one weekend rental at the same pit per month, to ensure fairness of equal use.
  8. Driving or parking on the beach after hours is not permitted, so you will need to ensure you’ve arranged transportation and legal parking beforehand. Volusia County and Daytona and the Beachers are not responsible for fines incurred from illegal parking or trespassing.
  9. Alcohol is not permitted on the beach at any time.

Can You Grill on the Beach?

Grilling on the beach is permitted, however, all rules for the fire pits still apply. If you’re using charcoal, it must be disposed of properly off of the beach. Dumping charcoal in beach trash, recycle bins, or burying it is not permitted and can cause serious injury to other beach goers and staff.

Can You Bring Your Own Fire Pit?

Beachgoers are permitted to bring their own fire pits without reserving a pre-existing ring. Keep in mind that all rules regarding the fire pits still apply. You do not need a permit, but you are also not allowed to use your own fire pit during sea turtle nesting season. They can be used anywhere on the beach provided they are a respectable distance from a pre-existing ring that has already been reserved.

Additional Information About Bonfires on the Beach

If you’re looking for additional information, or have questions or concerns about bonfires on the beach, contact Volusia Beach Safety by calling (386) 239-6414 or emailing beachsafety@volusia.org.